October 2014 Goals

How is it already October? It feels like summer just started a couple weeks ago, and now it’s over. First off, I want to talk about my September goals.

Yoga twice a week. I failed miserably at this one. I ended up only going to yoga a couple times. The last time I went my wrists hurt for a few days afterwards. Because I like to do ashtanga there were lots of planks, cobras, and down dogs, which means I’m using my wrists a lot. I didn’t want to make them any worse, so I haven’t been back to yoga yet. I definitely could have gone to restorative or yin classes though, so the whole injury excuse doesn’t really stand up.

Only eat out once a week. I did awesome with this goal! I was more aware of when I was considering eating at a restaurant rather than at home. Instead of grabbing something quick after work, I made the decision to “save” my restaurant meal for something more special when I was with someone else.

And now on to my October goals.

Track food on MFP 3 days/week. My eating has been all over the place lately. I want to make more of an effort to make healthy meals instead of throwing together what’s easy. I think tracking my food a few days a week on My Fitness Pal will help with that. If I know I have to track what I eat, I’ll make better choices.

Make a bedtime routine. I haven’t been sleeping all that great lately, and it’s starting to catch up with me. Along with the trouble sleeping, I’ve also started back at my early morning job. I have to be at work at 5:15, which means my alarm goes off at 3:45. It’s even more important that I get a good night’s sleep when I have to be up that early. My plan is to turn off the computer and not use my phone an hour before bed. I’ll read instead. I’m also committing to being in bed with the light off by 10  pm.

Leave me a comment with one of your goals for October.

October 2014 Goals