WIAW Fall 2012

A big things to Jen for hosing WIAW.

WIAW Breakfast October 1 2014

Although this is a recycled photo because I forgot to take a photo, this is exactly what I had for breakfast. I decided on yogurt, cereal, and an orange. This orange was really sweet. It was the kind you usually don’t get until after Christmas, so it was a nice surprise.

WIAW Lunch October 1 2014

For lunch I made a wrap on an ancient grain tortilla. I started with a base of spinach and added chicken, olives, feta cheese, and Greek salad dressing to it. I’ve really been enjoying how different wraps can  be from day to day. It’s easy to switch it up with vegetables, protein, or condiments to make it different from the day before.

WIAW Dinner October 1 2014

Dinner was butter chicken on a bed of brown rice. I’d been craving it for the last few days so I decided to make it. I also had a salad of spinach, tomato, cucumber, and dressing on the side.

What’s your favourite kind of Indian food?

What I Ate Wednesday

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    • October 3, 2014 at 7:16 am

      It was delicious. And you should get yourself to an Indian restaurant ASAP. Or to the ethnic section of your grocery store.

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