Social Media Breakfast September 26 2014 (1)

Friday morning I attended the Social Media Breakfast. They’re put on once a month at different venues around Calgary with different speakers. It’s great to get out there and meet some new people. Although I’ve only gone three times so far, I’m starting to see some familiar faces and get to know a few people. It’s a great group and I’d definitely recommend checking it out if you’re in Calgary.

Social Media Breakfast September 26 2014 (2)

Friday also happened to be the first day of YYC Pizza Week. We were lucky enough to have Pizza Bob’s provide a breakfast of pizza for us! I talked to Bob for a bit, who said that he’d been up most of the night getting the pizza ready and then cooking them for us in the morning. There was a ton of different choices – everything from veggie to Hawaiian. I went with a slice of pineapple and mini meatball and one of Greek with spinach, olives, and feta cheese.

Social Media Breakfast September 26 2014 (3)

There’s over 40 restaurants participating. Each restaurant that participates comes up with a unique pizza to offer during the week. $3 from every pizza sold goes to Meals on Wheels. Gruman’s, an amazing deli, put together a smoked meat and latke pizza. It must have been pretty good because they actually sold out of pizzas on Friday.

Into to HTML and CSS Ladies Learning Code September 27 2014 (3)

Sunday morning I was signed up to go to Ladies Learning Code workshop to learn about HTML and CSS. It was hosted through the Chic Geek. I’ve been to a few of their events before and really enjoyed myself, so I knew I’d have fun at this one too. It actually started an hour later than I thought it did (9 am versus 10 am), so I stopped by a coffee shop. I ordered a white hot chocolate and read for a bit before I headed to the workshop.

Into to HTML and CSS Ladies Learning Code September 27 2014 (2)

Ladies Learning Code has a great setup for these events. There’s an instructor at the front of the room leading the class. She has her computer connected to a projector and slides set up and shows us how to do things on her computer. Then we try to do the same thing on our own computers. In addition to the instructor, there’s also mentors (who are coders) that help if we have any problems. They’re honestly a lifesaver and I’m so grateful for them. Not only do they explain things in a way I can understand, but they were able to point out when I was missing a bracket or quotation marks when my code wasn’t working properly.

Do you know how to code? Where did you learn?

Pizza for Breakfast and Learning to Code