I’m sure just about everyone has heard of Jillian Michaels by now. She’s been on TV and has her own DVD’s. I recently tried her Jillian Michaels Yoga Inferno (affiliate link), so I thought I’d review it and let you guys know what I thought.

illian Michaels Yoga Inferno DVD Review

It’s a fairly new DVD (released in 2013) and contains two workouts. I’d read from a couple different places that you either love these workouts or hate them. I was somewhere in the middle. If you’re looking for a full fledged yoga session, pass on this, but if you’re looking for a tough workout, give it a try.

First off, while the title has yoga in it, I wouldn’t call the workouts yoga. There’s definitely yoga poses in them though. There’s a lot of body weight moves and you’re constantly moving. It wasn’t long before I was sweaty.

I tried both workouts. All you need for the first one in a yoga mat. For the second workout, dumbbells can be used, but Jillian suggests not using them if you’re a beginner. I decided not to use them and my arms were still sore the next day. She makes you work hard!

Besides Jillian, there’s two other people doing the workouts – one beginner and one advanced. It was nice to see the different modifications depending on your fitness level. While beginners can definitely do the workouts, I think it would be useful if you’re at least a little familiar with yoga. I can see how you’d be constantly having to check to see what to do next if you have no idea what chaturangas are.

Throughout both workouts there were 30 second cardio blasts to keep your heart rate up. The vinyasas during the workouts were very similar to those done in ashtanga yoga. If you’re familiar with them you’re ahead of the game. Because of the cardio blasts and the vinyasas I think people who typically wouldn’t enjoy a yoga class with long holds would like this DVD. I got super sweaty and it definitely felt like I was working hard.

Overall I liked this DVD, but I thought the title was a little misleading. You won’t get a traditional yoga session, but more of a cross between cardio and yoga.

Have you tried Yoga Inferno? Leave me a comment letting me know what you thought of it.

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Jillian Michaels Yoga Inferno Review