My plan was to do an update of the garden today. I thought I’d have a ripened tomato to show off and some more beans. That’s not what mother nature had in store though. It’s been snowing here since Monday. You read that right, snow since September 8.

Snow Storm September 11 2014 (2)

It’s been reeking havoc all over the city. Since the trees all still have their leaves, the snow is staying on the branches and weighing them down. Trees have been splitting because of the weight, landing in yard, sidewalks, streets, and power lines. Not only is it hard to get around in neighbourhoods with big trees that are now in the street, but neighbourhoods are also without power.

Snow Storm September 11 2014 (1)

Luckily we’ve only had one branch break off in our yard. It’s right next to the driveway, and lucky it fell parallel to the driveway, because one of the cars was parked right next to the tree. It wouldn’t have been good if the branch had landed on the car.

Snow Storm September 11 2014 (3)

The lawn furniture looks kind of funny with all the snow on it. It’s usually pulled in before the snow starts to protect it from the harsh winters.

I decided that instead of picking what was left in the garden, I would cover it instead. I was out there Sunday night making sure the tarp was secure over the garden. Needless to say, I now think I should have picked everything. The tap only lasted 24 hours before it collapsed under the weight of the snow. I’m pretty sure my tomato plants were crushed.

Snowtember Maury Meme September 11 2014

Luckily the snow and cold isn’t going to stick around. Over the weekend the temperatures are supposed to be in the 20’s C (high 60’s to low 70’s F). The snow will be just a memory by then and I’ll be very thankful for the warmer weather.

In case you were wondering, the last snowfall we had was the beginning of May. That means we had only 4 months between the last snow of last winter and the first snow of this winter. That’s not nearly long enough.

When does your first snowfall usually happen?

A Change of Plans

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