Yesterday I went to the Symons Valley Farmer’s Market. I’ve been a few times now and have a few favourite vendors already.

Farmer's Market September 6 2014 (1)

This week we got some veggies (a big bag of tomatoes was just $3, cucumbers, and corn). My dad said he’d make his delicious tomato/cucumber/onion salad so I’m looking forward to that.

Hearts Choices Vegan Ginger Chicken September 6 2014

Last time I got the Thai yellow curry and Thai peanut satay sauce from Heart’s Choices. They were both delicious and really easy to make, so this time I went with this vegan ginger chicken. It’s actually made from soy beans. They hand out samples and the sample is what made me want to get the ginger chicken – it was really good. I think I’ll probably add the ginger chicken to some noodles to make it into a meal.

Rustic Caraway Rye Bread Farmers Market September 6 2014

I picked up this caraway rye bread from Rustic. I like trying things that are different from the usual stuff I see in the grocery store. Everything I’ve gotten from them has been tasty – from cinnamon buns to loaves of bread.

Mom's Yellow Chicken Curry September 6 2014 (1)

On the lower level of the market I got a frozen yellow curry from Mom’s Happy Kitchen. I’ve had it before, but that time it wasn’t frozen. The frozen version comes in a bigger size, so I’m thinking I’ll have lunches set for a week if I cook up some rice to go with it. I really like this because there’s so many veggies in it.

Farmer’s Market Trip