Weekly Workouts

Monday’s workout was a walk in one of my favourite parks. It was a beautiful morning – sunny but not too hot. Although it was only a half hour walk it felt great to get outside and get moving.

Calm Yoga September 6 2014


I did the Calm Yoga DVD on Tuesday. It features Tia Mowry and Tara Stiles. It was a great workout, though I didn’t feel exhausted afterwards. I ended up getting a burst of energy.

Thursday I went for a walk in Bowmont. It was a beautiful day. I lost my GPS signal while I was out, but I think I covered close to 2.5 miles or 4 km. There were lots of other people and dogs out. Just about everyone I passed said good morning – it was a friendly bunch on Thursday.

I went to a community yoga class this afternoon. It felt amazing to be back. The teacher made us working hard – going “slow and with control” from planks to chaturangas to upward dogs. My arms are definitely going to be feeling it tomorrow.

One of my September goals was to get in two yoga practices a week, so It definitely felt good that I made it happen this week.

Tell me about one of your workouts this week in the comments.

Weekly Workouts