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Before I get started on my September goals, I want to review my August goal.

I knew August was going to be pretty busy so my only goal for the month was to get in 2 walks per week. It wasn’t a complete success, but I’m not disappointed in how it turned out. Each week I got at least one walk in, sometimes two. I wanted to take advantage of the nice weather while it’s here before the cold and snow arrives. I think I did exactly that.

Now onto my September goals!

Yoga twice a week. I haven’t been doing much yoga lately, and I’m now craving it. I miss the the focus on my breath and the oh so delicious savasana at the end of my practice. I want to get back into the yoga groove.

Only eat out once a week. Between work and school it’s easy to not plan ahead and pack a lunch or dinner. Last week I made lunches at home to take with me and it felt pretty good. Not only was I saving money (which is pretty tight right now), but I was also eating healthier. I want to continue taking meals with me on busy days.

Leave me a comment with one of your goals for September.

September Goals

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