Math Homework August 24 2014

It’s official, math is tough. I was used to doing 2 or 3 hours of chemistry homework at a time, with a little break after each hour, but with math after an hour I’m done. It hurts my head and I can’t think straight anymore. And why are there all kinds of rules that apply 99% of the time, but not all the time? It drives me crazy.

Salad August 26 2014

I’ve been enjoying lots of salads lately with veggies from the farmer’s market. They taste so much better when they’re local and fresh. I actually know where all small towns are where the farms are located. I wish I lived somewhere where things could be planted year round.

LL Bean Online Shopping Delivery August 27 2014

Half the fun of online shopping is when the package arrives. I’m like a little kid on Christmas opening it up even though I know exactly what’s inside. Please tell me I’m not the only one like this.

New LL Bean Backpack August 28 2014

Inside that package was a new backpack. I’ll be able to fit in my laptop and my books to take to school. With my other backpack I couldn’t fit my laptop in there too. It’s a good thing it arrived when it did because I have a couple hours between an appointment and a meeting at school tomorrow, so I’ll be in the library working hard.

Booster Juice August 27 2014

The snack size at booster juice is the perfect size. I’m always stuffed after the regular sized one, but with this one it isn’t too much. Even though I don’t like bananas my go to flavour is always strawberry sunshine. Thankfully you can’t taste any of the bananas.

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