Guacamole August 23 2014

I found some incredibly delicious things at the farmer’s market this week. My first find was this guacamole. It’s incredibly thick and fresh tasting – so good!

Thai Peanut Satay sauce August 23 2014

I tried some Thai peanut satay sauce. I added it to some chicken and ate it over brown rice. I’d definitely get it again. Next time I think I’d add some veggies to the chicken and sauce.

Farmer's Market Salad August 25 2014

The tomatoes and cucumbers in this salad were also from the farmer’s market. The lady selling them said they were picked on her farm north of Calgary within the last few days. The tomatoes were perfectly sweet.

Farmer's Market Bagel August 24 2014

I’ve gotten these bagels before at another farmer’s market, and they’ve always been great. They were just as good this time. We also got some of their cream cheese, which was also pretty tasty.

Peas from Garden August 24 2014

I picked the last of the peas from the garden on Sunday. I’m surprised we got another batch of them as it’s been pretty hot for the most part, and peas are generally cool weather plants.

Garden Peas in Hand August 24 2014

Unfortunately they didn’t last very long. I ate most of them in the time it took to shell them.

Big Rock Apple Cider August 24 2014

I discovered a great new to me cherry cider yesterday from Big Rock. It came in a sampler pack and included apple and pear flavours as well. I have yet to try those ones.

My Weekend in Food