Garden August 14 2014 (1)

The garden is slowly but surely chugging along. We’ve had lots of hot weather lately, so that’s meant watering just about every day to make sure nothing gets too dry.

Garden August 14 2014 (2)

I’ve come to the conclusion we’re not going to get any zucchinis or squash this year. I don’t know what it is, but the plants just aren’t growing like they were last year. They’re not nearly as big, and there haven’t been many flowers either. It’s kind of sad because the zucchinis I grew last year were huge.

Garden August 14 2014 (3)

Peas like colder weather. You can seed them 6 weeks before the last frost. They produce peas in the late spring and early summer, and then stop. Not this year. For some reason I’m getting a second round of peas growing. I guess I’ll have to wait to see if they’re able ti finish growing or if the heat gets to them first.

Garden August 14 2014 (4)

Along with the zucchini, the lettuce isn’t doing great this year either. I planted two of the same kind of lettuce as I did last year, so I know I can grow them here. I’m not sure what it is, but I’m starting to think it’s been the weather this year.

Garden August 14 2014 (5)

Even though it’s not getting too big, we’ve still been eating it. Because we have a couple rows, there always seems to be some that can be cut if I want a salad.

Garden August 14 2014 (6)

The tomato plants are also smaller than they were last year. There are some tomatoes starting to grow, though they’re still pretty small and green still. I can’t wait to eat my first tomato from the garden!

Garden August 14 2014 (7)

The beans are still looking pretty with the flowers. I discovered this week that there are some tiny beans starting to grow. I’m pretty excited to see what they end up looking like and how big they get.

Have you ever had an “off” year with your garden? Tell me about it in the comments.

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