Cherry Upside Down Cake

When I saw a recipe for cherry almond upside down cake on Cassie’s blog over at Back to her Roots, I knew I had to make it. I read through the recipe and found out it was super easy to make. Within 24 hours I was at the grocery store getting the ingredients and baking.

Upside Down Cherry Cake August 7 2014 (1)

The topping (or bottom layer when you’re baking it) was pretty simple to put together.  The most time consuming part was pitting the cherries. I did it (very carefully) with a knife. Just a warning that doing it that way left me with cherry stained hands for a day or two. The secret ingredient that went in with the cherries was a couple tablespoons of amaretto.

Upside Down Cherry Cake August 7 2014 (2)

The cake part was a fairly simple, basic cake, with the addition of ground almond and almond extract. I thought the almond flavouring might be a little too intense, but it ended up perfectly balancing out the cherries. It took close to 15 minutes extra than the recipe said to get it cooked all the way through, but that’s not unusual considering the high altitude here.

Upside Down Cherry Cake August 7 2014 (3)

Although when I flipped it out of the pan some of the cherries stuck to it, it wasn’t noticeable on the cake as there were so many cherries. None of the cake showed through from the bottom so it was fine. I’m sure most people would add the cherries in pan back to the top of the cake, but I had to test them. It was all in the name of quality control, I assure you.

Upside Down Cherry Cake August 7 2014 (4)

The cake only lasted two days! Everyone loved it. It was a great recipe to showcase the fresh cherries available this time of year

Once again, if you’re interested in making this for yourself, you can find the recipe here on Back to her Roots.

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Cherry Upside Down Cake