Door to Nowhere August 1 2014

While I was at school this week I was sitting by some windows eating lunch. I looked across the alley and saw a door to nowhere. Umm, who builds a door to a 25 foot drop? It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.

Yellow Rose in Garden August 2 2014

This very pretty rose was blooming in the garden. Seeing such beautiful things like this makes all the time and effort spent planting, weeding, and watering so worth it. Especially with how long and cold the winters are here, you have to appreciate the beauty of the outdoors even more during the summer.

Five Guys Burger August 3 2014

I ended up at Five Guys. I had my usual cheeseburger and shared some of the fries. The guy working at the grill was great. He was singing along to the music and was totally into it. He looked like he was having fun at work.

Somersby Variety Pack August 4 2014

I found this! I’d heard about the variety pack on Twitter, but didn’t think that they were available in Calgary (finding just the apple cider is tough enough). Luckily thanks to a tip from my brother I made a trip to the liquor store to pick one up. I’ve now tried all the flavours, and I have to say there’s not a bad one in there.

Quiet Study Area August 5 2014

I’ve been spending lots of time studying this week. My final (worth 50% of my mark – yikes!) is next week, so I want to go into it being as prepared as I can be. It probably hasn’t been since high school that I took a test that was worth so much. I’m hoping my nerves won’t be too bad when I actually sit down to take the test. I don’t want to make any silly mistakes.

Leave me a comment telling me the last time you took a big test.

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