August Goals August 4 2014

Before I get into what I want to accomplish for August, let’s review July’s goals first.

Yoga 3 times per week This didn’t happen. Although I made it to some yoga classes in the beginning of the month, my back wasn’t feeling 100% later on and I wanted to make sure I gave it time to rest and heal. I didn’t want to make it worse.

5 posts per week I was able to accomplish this one 100%, which feels really good. I was able to be pretty consistent thanks to continuing to use my editorial calendar and attending a few blogging related events in July.

Log food on My Fitness Pal Depending on the day, this goal didn’t always happen. It was easier when I was eating at home, but when I was out (either at the cafeteria at school or at a restaurant), it was tougher to track.

And now on to August! Because this month is going to be pretty busy for me (I’m studying for my final and starting a new math class), I think I’m just going to try for one goal this month.

Go for 2 walks per week While the weather has been pretty hot lately (too hot for me some days), I know that winter will arrive before I know it. I want to make sure that I get outside and enjoy the nice weather while it’s here. The walks will also help me de-stress a bit between studying sessions.

Leave me a comment with one of your goals for August.

August Goals