Garden July 31 2014 (2)

I’m still loving how bright the red flowers are on the beans. I’m still eagerly waiting on the first bean to appear.

Garden July 31 2014 (3)

The tomatoes continue to flower. I think this year’s tomato crop is going to be a late one. Today I spotted a few (very tiny but still there) tomatoes! I can’t wait to try my first one of the summer.

Garden July 31 2014 (4)

The zucchini’s are still blooming as well. I still haven’t seen a zucchini though. I’m still hoping that I’ll get one or two this year, but it’s not looking good. There still isn’t any sign of any butternut squash either.

Garden July 31 2014 (5)

I think the peas are done. They’re starting to yellow with the heat we’ve had lately and there haven’t been any new pea pods in a couple weeks. Since they like more of the cooler weather, it’s not surprising.

Garden July 31 2014 (7)

I thought the different colors on green in the one zucchini plant was so pretty.

Garden July 31 2014 (8)

These were the last of the peas that I picked today. They were nice and big and of course delicious. It’s kind of sad to think that I’m not going to have anymore still-growing-5-minutes-ago peas until next year.

Leave me a comment telling me what’s growing in your garden right now.

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