Rock the Walk July 19 2014 (4)

On Saturday I went down to the East Village to go to Rock the Walk. (It happens on the river walk and they have bands playing, hence Rock the Walk.) There were lots of vendors selling everything from antiques to clothing to jewellery. There were also a couple bands playing. Although I was only able to hear the first one, they were great.

Rock the Walk July 19 2014 (3)

And probably what drew me to Rock the Walk the most, was the food trucks! I got the pork tacos from the Braizen food truck and was really impressed. I was lucky enough to get there just as it was starting so I didn’t have to wait in line to order.

Rock the Walk July 19 2014 (1)

The tacos were ready really quick and they were sooo delicious! Really you can’t go wrong with anything that has pineapple salsa on it. I apologize for the wonky photo. It was hard to see what I was taking photos of with the sun. Surprisingly this was the only photo that turned out not that great.

Rock the Walk July 19 2014 (2)

I found a bench and ate while looking out over the river. The only downside to the tacos was that they were messy. I’m glad I grabbed more than one napkin.

I’d definitely recommend going to Rock the Walk. There was a great assortment of stuff to do and see, as well as some delicious food. This one was the fourth annual, so I’m hoping there will be another one next year.

Rock the Walk