Garden July 16 2014 (1)

My garden is looking pretty good these days. With all the sun and heat we’ve had lately I’ve been having to water every day. The plants seem to be loving it.

Garden July 16 2014 (2)

I’ve had a couple salads already. The great thing about growing lettuce is that you can cut some and within a few weeks it’s grown back so you can harvest again. If you’re just starting out with a garden, lettuce would be one of my first suggestions. It grows pretty fast, it’s easy to take care of, and you can harvest multiple times.

Garden July 16 2014 (5)

The butternut squash is slowly but surely growing. I’m not sure if I’ll get any this year though, as they haven’t flowered yet. It’s kind of sad, but I’ll know for next year that I have to start them earlier inside.

Garden July 16 2014 (4)

It’s amazing how fast the peas started growing. One day there were flowers and just a few days later there were pea pods. It only took a few days after the pea pods appeared for them to be big enough to pick. I wasn’t expecting them to grow so quick. These peas are really sweet and taste so different from anything you’d get at the grocery store.

Garden July 16 2014 (6)

A few of the tomato plants are finally flowering. I can’t wait until I’m eating fresh tomatoes from the garden. They’re always so juicy and delicious.

Garden July 16 2014 (11)

I put up a pole and some twine for the beans to grow up. It went together pretty easily and within 10 minutes I had all the twine tied on. Since I’ve put it up I think they’ve been growing faster.

Garden July 16 2014 (14)

Within a few days some of them will reach the top. It’s so cool how they grab onto the twine. I can’t wait to be eating fresh beans.

Garden July 16 2014 (15)

There’s a couple blooms that will be flowering soon. It’ll be nice to have a little color in the garden. Right now everything is so green.

Garden July 16 2014 (17)

The cabbage is slowly but surely coming along. It’s really starting to grow smaller leaves in the centre, so I’m hoping it’ll look more like the typical cabbage sooner rather than later.

Garden July 16 2014 (20)

These were the peas I picked after taking photos. I ate them all and didn’t share. They’re that good.

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