Last weekend I went to my first ever barre class. While I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the class, I was pleasantly surprised at what a great workout it was. I would definitely go again. The class was held at a Lulu Lemon store on a Sunday morning. The teacher was from Body Barre Studio. While I can’t remember her name, the teacher was awesome!

Barre Class Water July 6 2014

The class started with a warm up – by the end of which I was already sweating. At the end of the warm up the teacher pointed out they they had bottles of water up at the front if anyone needed them. I’m pretty thankful they were there cause I got pretty thirsty. Then we went on to work our upper body. My triceps were burning by the time we moved on to the lower body. My quads and calves were feeling it by the time we were done. We ended with a cool down and lots of stretching.

The teacher said that at the studio they they use hand weights for the upper body portion of the workout. I can only imagine how much more that would intensify the workout. She was great at showing modifications – both easier and harder – so I can see how these classes would cater to all fitness abilities. I appreciated that the class was low impact. I’m trying to get my plantar fasciitis healed (I decided to not play soccer this year to facilitate that happening), so it was really nice to get a tough workout in without worrying about my foot.

Do you go to barre classes?

Barre Class

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