WIAW Generic 2013

Thanks to Jenn for hosting.

WIAW Breakfast July 9 2014

For breakfast I had my usual: cereal, vanilla yogurt, and fruit (this time unsweetened apple sauce) with a glass of water.

WIAW Lunch July 9 2014

Lunch was a pita sandwich with hummus (I like to use it instead of mayo), romaine lettuce, cheddar cheese, tomato, pepperoni, and mustard. I had the other half of the tomato that wasn’t in my pita on the side along my sandwich with some more apple sauce.

WIAW Dinner July 9 2014

Dinner was my mom’s amazing stuffed peppers. She uses a recipe out of an old cookbook she got when she was in university. I have yet to find a tastier recipe. The stuffing is ground beef, tomatoes, rice, and cheese sprinkled on top.

Do you have a great recipe that you’ve been using forever? What’s it for?

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