Nosehill Park June 29 2014 (5)

Sunday I went for a beautiful walk in a huge park not to far from me. Even though there were a ton of cars in the parking lot, the park is so big we only passed 4 or 5 groups of people. The park is situated on a hill so I got some pretty views of the city. I covered 3 miles in about an hour, which included some short stops to take some photos.

Tuesday afternoon I went to a yin/yang class. Because it was a holiday (Canada Day) I knew there weren’t going to be many people, and there was only three of us. Because there were so few students, the teacher decided to make it more like a private class and asked us what we wanted to work on. I said my shoulders, because they’re always tight from working on homework and leaning over my desk. The first half was a typical flow class, and the second half was more restorative. By the time the class was over my shoulders were feeling pretty awesome.

Backyard Yoga July 3 2014

Thursday morning I did a backyard yoga practice. I went through a few Namaskara A’s and B’s, then did the first half of the primary series. I ended with a couple bridges, the three closing postures, and of course savasana.

I went to my usual community class this afternoon. One of my favourite teachers was teaching (they rotate through), so I really enjoyed myself. She tends to push us and encourage us to try something a little harder than we’d usually do. It’s nice to have someone say that, cause it’s easy to get stuck in the same modifications every class and not try something more difficult.

Do you have a favourite spot to walk?

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