Last week lots of flowers were blooming in the backyard, so I thought I’d share some of them with you.

Geraniums June 25 2014

These geraniums are always so pretty every year. The plant to get pretty big, so they have to get tied up.

Peonies June 25 2014

Although these peonies aren’t blooming yet, I still think they’re pretty with that pop of pink against the green. I can’t wait until they bloom cause they smell so good.

Pink Paintbrush June 25 2014

Pink paintbrush is a native plant to Alberta. I see them all the time in the mountains and in the ditches along the highway. Red paintbrush also grows in Alberta, but only in higher elevations in the mountains.

Wild Blue Flax June 25 2014

Wild blue flax is another native plant. It’s fairly tall and sways in the wind – it’s so pretty when that happens.

What’s blooming in your yard?

What’s Blooming in the Garden