It seems as though this most of this post is food related, so I’m just going with it.

Grapefruit Radler at Original Joe's June 22 2014

Sunday I went out for lunch at Original Joe’s. They had quite a few beers on special, so I tried one and discovered a new to me beer from Austria. It was utterly delicious and I would definitely get it again. I never would have thought the combination of beer and grapefruit would be good together, but it definitely is. If you like fruity beers I’d recommend this one.

Grapefruit Radler June 22 2014

We wandered by a liquor store after leaving the restaurant and I found some similar beers. While I didn’t like this kind quite as much, it was definitely a good alternative. They’re made in Canada (Kelowna BC to be exact), so I thought that was pretty cool.

Apple Muffins June 24 2014

These homemade apple cinnamon muffins were so good. I warmed them up in the microwave and added a little margarine – so good for breakfast! I’m kind of sad that they’re gone now.

Food Truck Frenzy June 27 2014 (1)

I also ate at a food truck on Friday. I had a quesadilla and churros, which were both pretty good. Although I haven’t eaten at too many food trucks so far, I’m hoping to get in a few more this summer.

Strawberries June 28 2014

I found strawberries on sale this week at the grocery store. It was a pretty good deal, so I couldn’t resist. Well, they only lasted 48 hours. They were really tasty and actually tasted like strawberries, which grocery store strawberries sometimes don’t.

What was your favourite food you ate this week?

Week in Review – Food Edition