Yoga Before June 23 2014

Monday afternoon I decided that an afternoon yoga session in the backyard was in order. Usually I go to a beginner ashtanga class Monday nights, but instead I decided to go to a class on Tuesday instead. Apparently I wanted to mix things up a little this week.

Yoga After June 23 2013

I basically did the beginner ashtanga class on my own. I went through the first half of the primary series, did some backbending, and then ended with the three closing postures and savasana. By the time I was done my practice, my mat had lots of seeds on it from the trees overhead. I didn’t realize how much came off them until I spent an hour under them.

Tuesday I went to a beginner yoga class. I really like the teacher. She’s easy to approach to ask questions and always manages to make me smile during class, even in the toughest postures. By the time class was over I was a sweaty mess.

Summer Shape Up 2014

Thursday I decided to do a workout in the Summer Shape Up that Gina and Anne are hosting. Although I had to modify it a bit, it was a great workout. I went through the circuit three times and was exhausted by the time I was done. It didn’t take too long, but it was tough. If you’re interested, the workouts can be found here (they’re about halfway down the page).

What’s the toughest workout you’ve done lately?

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