Post Yoga Selfie June 16 2014

Monday night I went to my favourite ashtanga yoga class. I’m pretty sure I started sweating about 2 minutes in and didn’t stop until shavasana. It felt extra intense for some reason. Even thought it felt like I worked harder than usual, I still left feeling energized. I was still smiling when I made it to the car, so you know it was a good class.

Confederation Park June 21 2014 (10)

I went for a walk in one of my favourite parks Saturday morning. Unlike Bowmont which is more “natural”, this park is mowed and manicured. There’s lots of flowerbeds and all the paths are paved. I came across these beautiful flowers and had to stop to take a photo. I was surprised to see the tulips still blooming. The purple and white irises towards the back are so beautiful. Even though it was only a half hour long walk, apparently I was putting some effort into it because once I got back to the car my calves were burning!

Saturday afternoon I went to another ashtanga yoga class. The class surprisingly wasn’t very busy, even though it usually is, so it was a treat to have a smaller class and get more individual attention.

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