Stanley Cup Finals June 13 2014

Friday night I watched the hockey game. LA had a chance to take home the cup if they won. There were tons of almost goals – lots of shots off the goal posts and crossbars. I can only imagine how much fun it would have been to see the game in person. After regulation time and two periods of OT, LA finally won.

Word Camp YYC June 14 2014

I spent Saturday at Word Camp YYC. I’ll post more about it later (I have so much to say about it, I had lots of fun, learned all kinds of cool stuff, and met some great people). I was a little nervous about going as I didn’t know anyone else who was going, but I ended up sitting at a really friendly table first thing in the morning which immediately put me at ease.

Word Camp Swag June 14 2014

I came home with some swag, notebooks, stickers, and pins. If you’re thinking about attending one near you I’d encourage you to go. It was well worth my time and money to learn from some really smart people and connect with people in the blogging community in Calgary.

Rickard's Shandy June 14 2014

When I got home Saturday night I was pretty tired (paying attention all day does that to me), so I ended up watching a scary movie (Dark Skies) and drinking a beer (Rickard’s Shandy, which I discovered at Beer Fest). While I was watching the movie I had my phone next to me on a table. I have it set so when I get texts it beeps and vibrates. Well, towards the end of the movie, in one of the scariest spots, I got a text so my phone beeped and vibrated. It just about gave me a heart attack. It was the boyfriend, and when I told him I was terrified before I realized that it was just my phone he thought it was kind of funny.

Cheesy Eggs June 15 2014

Sunday morning I woke up craving eggs so I made some and decided to add goat cheese. Cause everything is better with goat cheese. I had some toast with strawberry jam to go with it. I usually only splurge and make hot breakfasts on the weekends, so it’s a treat whenever I take the time to do it.

I spent the rest of the day with the boyfriend (we had lunch at Gruman’s), getting some housework done, and catching up on some reading for school.

What’s the scariest movie you’ve ever seen? Mine is the Haunting of Hill House. It’s absolutely terrifying!

Hockey, Blogging, and Being Scared