Walk in Bowmont June 9 2014

Monday I went for a walk in Bowmont (post is here). I managed to cover a little over 2 miles in just about 45 minutes. There were a few stops along the way to enjoy the views and take photos.

I went to my favourite beginner ashtanga class Monday night. By the end of namaskara A’s and B’s I knew I was going to have sore arms the next day – hello cobra’s and down dogs.

Backyard Yoga June 10 2014 (1)

Tuesday I did yoga in the backyard. I did a modified primary series of ashtanga yoga – basically what we do in the beginner classes. I’m not sure if I wasn’t holding the poses as long as I usually do in class or if I was able to go through it faster because I wasn’t in a class, but I finished about 20 minutes faster than I would have if I was in class.

Backyard Yoga June 10 2014 (2)

When I brought everything back inside I noticed I left a yoga mat shaped impression in the grass. I thought it was kind of funny.

What was your toughest workout this week?

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