Bowmont June 9 2014 (1)

Monday morning I decided to go for a walk in Bowmont. There was rain in the forecoast, so I though I’d try to sneak in the walk before it started.

Bowmont June 9 2014 (4)

Everything is so luscious and green right now.

Bowmont June 9 2014 (5)

Despite there being so much green, I always things it’s cool to see how many shades of green there are.

Bowmont June 9 2014 (7)

About halfway through the walk the clouds started to get darker and move in.

Bowmont June 9 2014 (9)

Today I saw buffalo bean (yellow), violets (purple), wild blue flax (purple), and geum (red) blooming. It’s so cool that wildflowers have such a wide variety of colors.

Bowmont June 9 2014 (8)

Half way back to the car I knew I had to hurry because the rain looked imminent. Luckily I was in sight of the car before it started, so I hardly got wet.


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