Outdoor Yoga June 1 2014

Last Sunday I went to my very first outdoor yoga class. I was a little nervous about going, but I had a great practice. It was an hour long vinyasa class. Lots of the poses were very similar to the ashtanga classes I usually go to, so it was nice to be familiar with it. I’ll definitely be back.

Monday night I went to my usual beginner ashtanga class. It was a great class as usual. I ended up taking it easier than I usually do, especially when it came to the sun salutations and the vinyasas. My wrists tend to get sore if I do too much, so I tried to only do every other vinyasa,

I went for a walk in Bowmont on Wednesday. I went for 45 minutes and had a pretty good pace going the entire time. It’s always fun to see what new wildflowers are blooming every time I go. By the time I got back to the car I was pretty sweaty between the hills and the sun.

Have you ever tried outdoor yoga?

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