Banana Peal on Transit May 23 2014

Friday night I found myself sitting across from a banana peel on my way home on transit. I absolutely hate bananas. I can’t stand anything about them, from their smell to their texture. I had the choice of sitting by the disgusting banana peel or by the drunk people from the David Guetta concert. I went with the banana.

Dad at Grumans May 24 2014

Saturday afternoon I found myself downtown again. I had gone to Gruman’s on a date awhile ago and discovered that they’re all about smoked meat. My dad loves smoked meat, so when I told him about he said he wanted to go. He ended up really enjoying his meal. If you live in Calgary and you haven’t been to Gruman’s yet, you should definitely head over for lunch at some point.

How often do you go to the downtown of your city?

Banana Peels and Smoked Meat