After doing a bunch of studying this morning I needed a break, so I decided to go for a walk. Going to Bowmont had been in the back of my mind for a few days, so I thought I’d finally go.

Bowmont May 22 2014 (1)

It’s so much fun to finally see flowers blooming. This winter felt especially long and cold, so I’m really enjoying all the pretty flowers. These Buffalo Beans were blooming all over the place today.

Bowmont May 22 2014 (2)

Since Bowmont is so big I always have to decide where I’ll go when I park and get out of the car. Today I decided on Waterfall Valley cause I’d only been there once or twice since the winter. I think it’s one of the most peaceful parts of Bowmont cause it’s never very busy. This morning I only came across one person.

Bowmont May 22 2014 (3)

Halfway into the valley trees start growing so the boardwalk is shady. It’s pretty nice on hot days when the sun is beating down.

Bowmont May 22 2014 (4)

This is the largest of the three waterfalls, though it’s still not exactly big.

Bowmont May 22 2014 (5)

The Bow River to the west.

Bowmont May 22 2014 (6)

The Bow River to the east.

Bowmont May 22 2014 (7)

This is where the little creek that runs through the bottom of the valley meets the Bow River.

Cardio Trainer Bowmont May 22 2014

Although my walk was under half an hour, most of the walk back from the river was uphill. My legs were definitely feeling it by the time I got back to the car.


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