My yoga studio is having a May challenge. They’re asking people to commit to practicing 6 times a week for the month. Although I was tempted to sign up, I know that kind of time commitment isn’t feasible for me right now (hello 3 jobs and school). I came across this article about some advice Nancy Gilgoff gave about a daily yoga practice. It’s thought provoking for me, as I can definitely commit 15 minutes a day to yoga.

So instead of signing up for the challenge at the studio, I’ve decided to do my own challenge for May. I’ve decided I want to practice 3 times a week. While I definitely do that some weeks, others I don’t. I know my practice will get better the more I do it, so it’ll be good motivation for me to do it consistently.

So far I’ve been twice this mornth, Saturday afternoon and again last night. In addition to going to the studio, there’s also a new to me outdoor yoga class starting at a park in the city. Calgary Outdoor Yoga runs every Sunday starting May 11 at 1 pm in Stanley Park.

Yoga Towel May 6 2014 (4)

Because every post needs a photo, I thought I’d show off my latest yoga purchase. Apparently I have really sweaty hands and tight hamstrings, so a lot of the time in downward dog I feel like my hands are slipping. That in turn makes my arms work harder and my shoulders tense up. I asked a couple yoga teachers for some advice, and they both suggested using a small towel at the top of my mat so I have a better grip. So I went online and ordered one from Amazon. Although I’ve only been to two classes since I got it, so far it’s making a difference!

Have you ever participated in a yoga challenge?

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