Cranberry Lip Balm April 22 2014

This week I officially ran out of my favourite cranberry lip gloss from The Body Shop. I always stock up at Christmas, as that’s the only time it’s available. I’m kind of sad I won’t have any more until Christmas.

Diner Deluxe April 23 2014

I took my dad to Diner Deluxe for the first time this week. I had been there a few times, but he never had. It has a great 60’s feel to it. They’ve won all kinds of awards for their breakfasts and brunches. On weekends there’s always a wait to get a table because it’s so busy.

Heineken April 25 2014

Mid week I needed a beer after dinner. It had been a tough week homework wise. Seriously, why do redox reactions have to be so complicated?

Blizzard April 27 2014

Sunday afternoon I was craving ice cream, so I found myself at Dairy Queen getting a blizzard. It was delicious and just what I needed.

What was the highlight of your week?

Week in Review

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