Bowmont April 20 2014 (1)

I went for a walk in Bowmont Sunday so I thought I’d share some photos. The river looked so blue. It’s hard to believe that it’s the second half of April and there’s still ice out there.

Bowmont April 20 2014 (2)

Bowmont is still recovering from the flood in June. It’s kind of eerie to see the trees bent over like that. It’s amazing how destructive nature can be.

Bowmont April 20 2014 (4)

This fence is a good 6 or 8 feet above the river, so you can see how high the water got with all the leaves and grass stuck in it. It’s hard to believe that so much of Bowmont was underwater.

Bowmont April 20 2014 (5)

I saw quite a few ducks while I was out. This guy was enjoying a storm water pond all to himself.

Bowmont April 20 2014 (6)

There used to be a walkway under the train bridge that let you go from one side of the tracks to the other. It was washed away during the flood. Now you have to walk a good 15 minutes before you get to another spot where you can cross the tracks.

Bowmont Park