Lately it’s felt like the weeks fly by. Between working and school there never seems to be enough time to get everything done. Hopefully things will slow down a bit in the next couple weeks.

Monday night I ended up going to yoga. The beginner ashtanga class is starting to become one of my favourites now that I’ve been a couple times.

Poppadums April 7 2014

While I was waiting to pick up a prescription I was wandering around the grocery store, and I found pappadums. I had no idea you could find them there, as I’ve only ever had them at Indian restaurants. While they weren’t as good as at the restaurant, they weren’t too bad either.

DQ Blizzard April 10 2014

Thursday afternoon I found some time to get a blizzard. For some reason I always go with Skor, it’s my favourite.


Friday night was pretty low key as it had been a long day (work, school, then another job), so I decided on watching Inception and then going to bed. Saturday was date night, which was a pretty great way to wind down after a full week.

What’s your favourite flavour of blizzard?

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