The last week has been lots and lots of working. I had the opportunity to get some extra hours, so I took it. It’ll be good for my savings account, but boy am I happy to have some balance back.

Besides lots of work, there’s also been lots of snow. Seriously, April starts tomorrow. It’s about time spring arrived cause right now it looks like January outside with all the snow.

Friday night I spent the night with a friend from out of town. I only get to see her every couple of months, so getting to spent time with her is always special. There were lots of good talks, laughter, and a few rounds of playing restaurant with her daughter.

Saturday night I had a babysitting job. While I don’t babysit very often, it’s kind of nice to make some easy money. Half the time I was there the girls were in bed so I was paid to watch TV.

Sunday was date night. We had Korean food for dinner and watched a couple movies. We ended up watching Kiss Kiss Bang Bang which I had never seen before. I thought it was pretty good.

What’s the last movie you watched at home?

Week in Review