Chem Homework March 2 2014

I’m glad today is a new week cause the last 7 days have been busy! Between work and school I haven’t had much down time.

I did manage to make a little time for fun stuff though. Thursday night I went to my last restorative yoga class. It was always a challenge to get my mind to settle down, but I could definitely see a difference from the first class to Thursday night’s class.


Friday night I had a date. We ended up going to see Non Stop. I was expecting an action movie, but it was more of a thriller. I guess there’s only so much action you can have in a movie that takes place on a plane.

Apparently I did something horrible to my back this week. I’m moving slow and taking it easy. I’ve been applying heat cause so far it’s been the only thing that helps it feel better. I’m hoping it feels better in the next would days cause it’s pretty miserable at the moment.

What exciting thing did you do this week?

Week in Review