I managed to get in three workouts this week. I’ve realized I need to take more time for myself – when I’m not working or doing school. Yoga is the perfect thing for that. It gets me moving and yet at the same time I leave my mat feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Wednesday I went to an Iyengar style yoga. The teacher was new to me and great with giving detailed instructions without giving so many details that it got overwhelming.

I have restorative classes on Thursday nights. This week’s was just as good as it usually is. The teacher is actually a co-worker of mine, which makes it pretty fun. She’s not afraid of silence during class, which is really nice so I can fully relax into each posture.

This afternoon I went to my usual ashtanga class. Because the teachers rotate through, it’s always kind of fun to see how their teaching styles differ. Today’s teacher was one of my favourites. I know I’m always going to have to work hard during this class, but once I’m done I’m so thankful I went cause I always feel so good afterwards.

What kind of yoga do you enjoy the most?

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