Olympic Medal Count February 11 2014

Yesterday Canada kind of made history. For the first time in recent memory (and possibly ever), Canada was in first place in the medal standings at the Olympics. That’s pretty cool. Although it didn’t last long (Norway is now in the lead with 11, Canada is in second with 9), I have to admit I was pretty proud. It’s been all over the media here.

It’s pretty cool to hear about the stories of the athletes. On the second day of the Olympics two Canadian sisters won gold and silver in women’s moguls. Mark McMorris won bronze in snowboard slopestyle with a broken rib. A Canadian cross country ski coach helped out a Russian athlete who’d broken his ski during a crash on the course. He ran out on the course and switched out the ski with a spare he had and the Russian was able to finish. That’s what the Olympics are about.

What have been your favourite Olympic moments so far?

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