Chem 20 Notes February 3 2014

I was taking all of my old chemistry notes out of my binder to prepare for my next chem class. Turns out that between notes and questions, I had a stack of papers almost 3 inches high. It was a little surprising to see how much work I had done since the end of August.

I needed Vietnamese food bad this weekend. Luckily I had a vermicelli dish on Saturday for lunch. It was delicious and exactly what I needed.

Valentines Day Chocolate February 9 2014

I couldn’t pass up some Valentine’s day chocolate at the grocery store the other day. I’m single this year so I decided to buy some for myself. Lindt’s are my absolute favourite. In case George Clooney is reading, yes, I am available for a Valentine’s day date.

I had plans to go to Chinatown for dinner on Saturday night, but it ended up not happening. Hopefully I’ll be able to head down there soon though, cause the food is always so good.

On the workout front, the plan is for restorative yoga on Thursday night and then ashtanga on Saturday. I might try fit in another yoga class on Wednesday, we’ll see how it goes.

What do you have planned this week for workouts?

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