Ladies and gentlemen, I’m down exactly 2 pounds in a week! I’m pretty excited about that number because it means I was able to lose even though New Year’s Eve was last week. (Not that I went crazy – I was on my way home at 12:30 and had 1 glass of wine.)

Yep, I’m excited. I’m feeling like I can do this. Right now it feels very doable.

Today’s eating wasn’t all that great though. I had breakfast at 4:30am so I could be at work by 5:15. By the time I was done I come home to pack my backpack and head to school to get help with the last two and a half week’s worth of questions while the school was closed for the holidays. My appointment was for 12:10, but I got there late, though the tutor was gracious enough to spend an entire hour (usually I only get 20 minutes) with me. Lucky me!

Five Guys January 6 2014

Unfortunately that meant I wasn’t done until 1:30. I had plans to go for lunch with my dad, so by the time I got to the house and we made our way to Five Guys (definitely not the best choice of restaurant), it was 2:30, so I was famished, which resulted in me ordering a little cheeseburger (which wasn’t so little) and sharing some fries.

I need to remember to not wait that long to eat, or bring a snack with me so I don’t get ravenously hungry cause I don’t make very healthy decisions at that point.

Lesson learned.

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