Naan Bread January 3 2014

I found naan bread at our neighbourhood grocery store this week. I never knew they had it there. Of course I had to get some mango chutney to go with it. They were delicious together.

NYE Selfie December 31 2013

I spend New Year’s Eve with some good friends. A few of them were from out of town so it was especially good to see them. It was pretty casual (dinner, snacks, wine, and games) so I didn’t go crazy getting dressed up.

New Years Eve Brownies December 31 2014

I brought over brownies with me that I had made the day before. I could bring any dessert I wanted, and I hadn’t had brownies for a long time, so I thought they’d work well.

Broccoli Salad January 3 2014

I had a major craving for broccoli. I’ve been putting it in everything. People think I’m weird. Oh well.

Chem Homework January 3 2014

There has been some major studying going on around here. I don’t get time off for Christmas since I’m doing my class online, so while it’s been tough motivating myself to get work done, I’ve been making progress. I managed to finish most of a unit in the last 3 weeks. On the other hand the school has been closed for the holidays so I haven’t been able to go in to get help on the questions I’m confused about. I’m going to be spending a lot of time there next week once it reopens.

Strawberry Parfait January 3 2014

I had my very first strawberry parfait this week. Usually I don’t like mixing things (I’d eat the strawberries, granola, and yogurt separately, but never together), but I actually liked it more than I thought I would. Another reason why it’s always good to try new things.

Tell me something out your week.

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