Christmas Tree December 24 2013

I thought our Christmas tree looked really pretty on Christmas eve.

Christmas Eve Desserts December 24 2013

Christmas Eve is always an Italian dinner at our house.  We start off with antipasto, followed by my dad’s amazing lasagna, then ends with Italian desserts. My favourite desserts this year were the rum balls (middle) and Italian doughnuts (upper right). All in all it was a delicious meal.

Advent Calendar December 24 2013

My mom made this advent calendar a long time ago (before she had a family), and every year it goes up. When my brother and I were little we always wanted to be the one to put up the day’s item. Now that we’re grown up I’m usually the first one up in the morning so I do it.

Christmas Candy December 25 2013

Santa was pretty good to me this year. I got my favourite items from Bath and Body Works, yoga classes, and money, not to mention the above stash of candy. I must have mentioned one or twice that Lindt’s are my favourite, because I got three packages of them.

What was your favourite part of your Christmas?

Our Christmas