WIAW Generic 2013


WIAW Breakfast November 27 2013

Breakfast was toast with margarine and strawberry jam, vanilla yogurt, and apple sauce. It’s been awhile since I last had toast for breakfast so it tasted extra good.

WIAW Lunch November 27 2013 (1)

Lunch was a salad with tomatoes and poppy seed salad dressing that I added after I took the photo.

WIAW Lunch November 27 2013 (2)

It was followed by some crackers and hummus. Hummus has to be one of my favourite foods.

WIAW Dinner November 27 2013

Dinner as fish and chips. When I was in London I had an amazing fish and chips meal, so whenever I had it now it reminds me of my trip.

Does food remind you of any trips you’ve taken?

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