This last week has been a busy one, so I only got in two workouts, both of them yoga.

I was planning on going to a class on Wednesday night, but I realized I had a meeting about volunteering that started 10 minutes after the class was supposed to end, so I wasn’t able to go to that class.

I made it home earlier from work than I was expecting on Friday night so I went to a class. It was with a new teacher, but she was great. We did quite a few balancing poses, which I always find challenging.

Saturday afternoon was my usual yoga class. I really enjoy having a different teacher each week. They do what they’re best at, so I get a feel for what their classes would be like. I’ve definitely found a few favourites.

I’ve even started to get to know another person who is almost always in the class. Yoga has always been a very solitary thing for me – I don’t really talk to anyone while I’m there. It’s my “me time” and I like to spend it by myself, but I’m realizing it’s kind of nice to get to know someone else there.

Do you like to socialize when you workout or is it more of a solitary thing for you?

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