Cliff Bar November 8 2013

I have a thing for Clif Bars. I tried a new to me flavour recently. It was delicious.

Booster Juice November 6 2013

Thursday when I got home from work I was absolutely exhausted. My dad offered to get me a Booster Juice, so I took him up on it. I went with my usual Strawberry Sunshine with a go girl booster. I need to learn how to make these at home.

New  Shoes November 6 2013 (1)

I got a new pair of runners this week! They’re the same as my last pair, Saucony Progrid Guide.

New  Shoes November 6 2013 (2)

My other ones had holes in the mesh from the ends of my toes and the bottoms were starting to come apart from the rest of the shoe, so it was definitely time for some new ones.

Do you have a favourite flavour of Clif Bar? Do you have a go-to brand of runners?

It’s Been Quite a Week