Tim Hortons Hot Chocolate November 1 2013

Friday night I went out for dinner with the family. It’s been awhile since we were all together at a restaurant, so it was a special treat. My brother and I stopped at Tim Horton’s afterwards, so I had to get a hot chocolate. They make the best hot chocolate. I don’t know what it is exactly, but it’s my favourite hot chocolate. There also may have been a donut, with sprinkles, cause the sprinkles make the donut.

Soccer Marathon November 2 2013

Saturday morning I spent a couple hours at the 30 Hour Soccer Marathon selling raffle tickets. Quite a few of the people who bought raffle tickets shared with me how their lives had been touched by cancer.

Sunday was spent working (at the new job!) and then doing some chemistry homework. I missed watching The Good Wife last night cause I knew I had to be up pretty early for work this morning (my alarm was set for 4:30am). I was responsible instead and went to bed early. I’m planning on watching it tonight though.

When was the last time you went out for dinner with your entire family?

Hot Chocolates, Soccer, and Chemistry