Sunset After Soccer October 26 2013

Saturday I was pretty excited to be able to go to a yoga class and play soccer. The yoga class was awesome, I ended up working harder than I had in awhile. The soccer game was a lot of fun. When I was leaving there was a beautiful sunset. I know it’s hard to see in the photo, but the clouds were so pink. Within a few minutes it was gone. It’s always so surprising to me how fast things like that happen, and then before you know it, it’s gone.

First Snowfall October 27 2013

The forecast for Sunday had a lot of snow in it. It’s amazing what a difference a day makes when it comes to the weather. Luckily the roads weren’t too bad in the morning when I had to head out.

It was a great night to spend on the couch under a blanket watching TV. Tell me I’m not the only one who thought that last night’s episode of The Good Wife was absolutely amazing. It has to be one of the best written and acted dramas on TV right now. I won’t say anything else about it just in case anyone hasn’t seen it yet. I wouldn’t want to give anything away.

This week is shaping up to kind of quiet, which I’m looking forward to cause the week after is going to be full of volunteering, assignments, and tests.

What was the highlight of your weekend?

Weekend in Review