Cranberry Lemon Muffin October 13 2013

The cranberry lemon muffins have made a return! The last time they were bought I only managed to get one (apparently the rest of my family was faster than me). I’m looking forward to having more than one this time.

Health Magazines October 15 2013

Since I’ve been spending a lot of time at the hospital, I took a couple magazines with me. I think having to wait at the hospital is worse than having to wait just about anywhere else. I recently subscribed to Health, but I haven’t had time to read either of these. Luckily I got through one, I only have one more to go now.

Veggie Stir Fry October 15 2013 (1)

Tuesday night I was on my own for dinner. I decided to make a veggie stir fry. I added some sweet chilli sauce to the veggies and made some brown rice to go with them. It was so good I even had a couple lunches of leftovers of it too.

New SLR Camera October 17 2013

There’s a new camera in the family. This beauty (Canon Rebel T5i) was bought recently. I know I’m going to have a lot of fun with it.

Sorgham Cookies October 17 2013 (2)

My boss made some sorghum cookies and sent me home with some. They’re very similar to molasses cookies, but milder (not quite as tangy). They’re delicious. I had never heard of sorghum syrup before, but my boss was telling me “it’s a Midwest thing”. She grew up with it and remembers her brothers and sisters eating it on toast for breakfast.

Since I’ve been going to yoga regularly, my dad mentions once in awhile that he could do it too and would be really good at it. Even though I know he’s teasing me, I kept telling him he should come to a class with me at some point. Finally he’s said yes, and he’ll be going with me on Saturday to his first yoga class. While I think he’ll like it, I think it’ll be different from what he’s expecting. I hope it goes well!

Do you like cranberries in baked goods? Have you heard of sorghum syrup before?

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