Once again, yoga was my only workout this week. I had plans to get up early and do a DVD on Thursday morning, but I ended up having a bad dream and I couldn’t get back to sleep for a couple hours. Needless to say, I used the time to sleep instead of workout.

My yoga class this afternoon was a tough one. I really struggled at some things that I can usually do pretty well. I stuck with it though, and a few postures later I felt better. Because I was working so hard I was looking forward to shavasana. I always seem to appreciate it more during tough classes.

There’s a place that offers spin classes not too far from me. They have them a couple mornings a week at 6 am, which would be perfect timing for me. I’d be able to take the class, get home and shower, and get to work in time. I’m really tempted to try it out.

What’s a yoga pose that you find challenging? Today down dogs were tough for me. My hamstrings and shoulders were feeling tight and I didn’t feel like i got into the posture very well.

Weekly Workouts

One thought on “Weekly Workouts

  • October 12, 2013 at 7:30 pm

    I usually find warrior two challenging for some reason. The yoga instructors I work with always hold those for the longest time and my quads burn out!

    Also the days I can’t get out of bed with enough time to go to the gym, I usually do some quick at home workouts, usually take between 15-25 minutes. There’s some on my blog if you need some ideas!

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