And the Friday of a long Thanksgiving weekend at that.

I’m so glad it’s finally arrived. I took my chemistry unit exam this afternoon. After a week of studying for it, I’m glad it’s finally done. While I don’t think I did as good on this one as I did on my last one, I don’t think I bombed it either. There were a few questions I wasn’t sure about.

October 11 20131

We got these pretty flowers for the table for Thanksgiving dinner on Monday. I think they’re so pretty.

Rice Chips October 11 2013

I was telling my co-worker how much I like these chips. She also loves honey dijon flavoured things. Since she’s gluten free, I told her she should try to find these cause they’re made with brown rice. I’m pretty sure some of these will disappear tonight while I’m on the couch watching Blue Bloods.

Trail Mix October 11 2013

Apparently I’ve been in a salty/savory mood lately, cause I’ve been craving trail mix. I finally picked some up this afternoon after my test. Last summer I made my own trail mix. It was so much better than any store bought one, but I was feeling lazy today.

Minced Garlic October 11 2013

I found this on the kitchen table when I got home. I didn’t even know you could get minced garlic in containers that big. That’s a lot of garlic!

I’m really looking forward to having some down time this weekend. I’ll be heading out to my yoga class tomorrow. I’ll have to start on the next chemistry unit, but it definitely won’t be as hard as the studying I’ve been doing for the last week. Monday is a day off due to Thanksgiving, so I’m going to relax and eat lots and enjoy some time with my family.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers!

What’s your favourite dish at Thanksgiving? My favourites are cranberry sauce and stuffing.

It’s Friday!